Your brand is more than a logo

Your brand is more than a logo

There’s much more to your brand than your logo. Scroll down for the in and outs of branding your business.

A Logo Is Not a Brand

“Lots of people think that brand begins and ends there — that once we shine up the name they can stick it below their email signature, pop it on their website, and, voila, they have a new brand.”

Branding 101: Why Branding Is Much More Than a Logo

“Your brand represents all that you stand for as a company. It tells the story of why, how and what you do. It communicates your values, purpose, and personality as a business. It gives people reasons to buy from you and trust you.”

4 Inexpensive branding strategies for small businesses

“The first step to branding your small business is understanding who you are.”

More than a logo: The difference between branding & marketing

“While branding is being, marketing is doing. In essence, your brand is who you are and your message, while marketing is how you communicate that message.”

Rebranding checklist to guide your program

“A rebrand is so much more than a new logo. It’s a complete brand makeover. Your goal is a new, focused, clearer, stronger visual and verbal brand that reflects who you are, what you stand for and what your audiences expect.”


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