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Marketing your business on a shoestring budget

How to Effectively Market With a $0 Budget (Infographic)

Small business = small marketing budget. How can you make the most of it?

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The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing Without a Budget

You may not have a marketing budget, but you’re still going to need to spend some time on promoting your business. Here’s some things you can start today.

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Unconventional Marketing with No Budget

“Marketing is about standing out, being approachable, showing value and giving love. Rinse and repeat. When you think your message isn’t catching on, and you’re ready to give up, you’re only halfway there.”

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How to Create a Realistic Marketing Budget for Your Small Business

As 2017 wraps up, it’s a great time to plan your 2018 marketing efforts.

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Crafting Your Digital Marketing Budget for 2018? 10 Things to Consider

Maybe you’ve never had a marketing plan before. Where do you start? This quote from the article gives a good tip on digital marketing budgets:

“Considering that a typical marketing budget can range between 1–20% of sales revenue, it’s probably safe to estimate that you’ll spend 5–9% of your revenue on digital marketing”

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