Client management for freelancers

Poor communication and failing to manage your client’s expectations present the biggest risks to your project’s success. The articles below will put you on a path for fostering great client relationships and setting clear boundaries.

Managing Clients – The Definitive Guide to Going Freelance

New Freelance Client? Do These 5 Things Right Away

10 ways freelance designers can better manage client expectations

This can’t be overemphasised:

“ask your client as many questions as possible *before* you provide them with a quote”

How To Build Boundaries That Inspire Respect From Your Clients

“Boundaries give you the freedom to take ownership and do your most creative work without anybody else sneaking in and stealing your time and energy”

When To Let Go Of A Freelance Client

“Harboring a scarcity mindset about your income is part of what keeps so many of us chained to underpaying clients or rude employers.”

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